Invest and get profitability
  • Profitability is 2 times higher than bank deposits
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Capital insurance
We insure investors' capital through hedging, as well as carefully considered risk management
No commissions
Working with a client's deposit from $ 3000 without additional payments
Support 24/7
Capital work tracking and 24/7 customer support
Types of investments we work with
Shares of world companies
Investments in securities of world famous companies   More >
Digital assets
Investments in blockchain technology and cryptoindustry   More >
World currency market
Trading operations with currencies of different countries of the world   More >
Initial placement of shares of companies on the securities markets   More >
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Compare the degree of risk and return on investment and time of receipt income
Why is it worth working with us?

We have been investing in various markets for over 7 years. At the core of our team professionals who united and founded DIBIX Digital Fund investment company. Our employees work all over the world.

Complete anonymity
All financial transactions between the investor and Dibix are completely anonymized
100% safety
Investment capital is scattered across the different cold storage sites of the blockchain
Classic trading
Classic trading of professional traders
Algorithmic trading
Algorithmic trading under the control of professionals
Even when you rest, Your money works!
2 days
Required for presentation and contract conclusion
14 days
To customize Your portfolio
30 days
Capital works allow for dividend payments
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Our team
Igor Zakharov
Founder of DIBIX
Vyacheslav Pochtakov
Head of traders
Daniil Dubovoy
Manager of stocks
Pavel Zinkevich
Manager of market making
Stanislav Korzinkin
Manager of crypto market
Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions
What if I have no investment experience?
We work with both experienced investors and beginners. If you are a novice investor, then our team will advise you on all matters related to investments.
I cannot decide on the type of deposit. Where would you advise to invest money?
We can offer investment in several areas: securities (stocks) of various companies, investment funds, currency and cryptocurrency markets, and even equity participation in international projects.
How much income can I receive from investments?
We can offer a stable income from 3% to 20% in month. This is 36% and 240% per annum, respectively. Income depends on individual preferences of the investor and his attitude to risk.
What is the minimum deposit amount recommended for a trust management?
We have the opportunity to invest from only $ 3000. Such a contribution will allow you to assess the effectiveness of our work, and experience a noticeable increase in capital.
When can I withdraw income from my investment?
Withdrawal of profit for your use is possible monthly.
Why should I choose your company?
We understand that an important point for you is trust in our company. Trust doesn't just happen. We are sure, that cooperation with our company will strengthen it. If not, we money back!
Expensive! Let's start with $ 100 for a test!
We want investments to become not a game for you, but serious earnings. If you are, in principle, interested in investments, then we offer to meet at the office and discuss the most suitable option just for you.
Is there a risk of losing all your money?
Risk is an integral part of working in the financial markets. It is generally accepted that the risk increases with the expected profit. Moderate appetite for profit and grammar distribution of funds, allows us to control the acceptable level of risk. Reasonable money management, minimizes the risk of losing all the investor's funds.
What guarantees will I receive when I conclude a contract with you?
You can be sure that your money is well protected. In addition, we guarantee monthly interest payments. we also guarantee the return of the entire investment amount after term of the contract.
What is the minimum investment period?
The minimum period for placing funds under management is 6 months from the date of receipt of funds to the company's accounts.